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Down the rabbit hole

I’m in a world where inanimate objects write me notes: Note the initial caps on Health Issue and Christmas Shopping. Perhaps it’s cute, but it makes me queasy. On the plus side, his (her?) colleague has a glass wall, so … Continue reading

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A walk today

A beautiful day so I went for a walk to reconcile myself to the clocks going back.

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Things I hadn’t seen before

I also noticed Christmas cards for sale in the Oxfam shop window . . . when I haven’t had an ice-cream yet this year!

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Words fail me III

I saw my first ice-cream van of the year – parked outside a primary school, natch. (Too bad that it was hailing and freezing.) On the back of the van was a safety slogan: “Don’t skid on a kid!”

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The new camera

It’s lovely to have depth of field control and a sharp shutter again after so many years of a compact digital camera!

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Words fail me II

I bought this iPad two and a half years ago. I found the camera disappointing – the photos weren’t sharp enough. I took it back to the shop to see if there was anything wrong with it – no. I … Continue reading

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No-illusions German

An incipient itch sent me to Rossmann this morning for some athlete’s foot cream. I don’t mind admitting it: after all, the “athlete” bit – rather like tennis elbow – suggests an honourable wound gained in the pursuit of sporting … Continue reading

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