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Annie Swynnerton

I forgot to say that, while I was in Manchester, I went to the art gallery and came across an exhibition of paintings by Annie Swynnerton (1844-1933). Some were familiar, but it was fascinating to see so many together, to … Continue reading

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Furness Abbey and Sandscale Haws

I had a hankering to revisit Furness Abbey, so off I went. I got off the train at Dalton and cycled the couple of miles to the site. The abbey originally belonged to the reforming Savignac Order but later became … Continue reading

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The big spirea

There’s a conflict between the size the spirea needs to be to flower well and the space for it in the flower border. This year I’ve allowed it to get big so it’s flowering profusely.

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Happy Days

Dir Sarah Frankcom, with Maxine Peake at the Royal Exchange I hadn’t seen this before; I knew about Winnie being buried up to her waist (thank you, Pears Cyclopedia ca. 1973) and assumed it would be the usual Beckettian conundrum with … Continue reading

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A tale of two gooseberry bushes

Alarmed by the increasingly sagging branches of one gooseberry bush, I headed out straight after breakfast and picked a load of unripe fruit to lighten the bush’s load. (Stewed with a little extra sugar, it’ll be fine.) There’s so much … Continue reading

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Bee food

The bees are back – there is a constant hum around the comfrey and poached-egg plants. The yellow rattle doesn’t even get a look-in. My frenzy, on return from holiday, of tidying and control has calmed down. A little light … Continue reading

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Funny Cow

Dir Adrian Shergold, with Maxine Peake, Paddy Considine and Tony Pitts A film about a female northern comic in the 1970s that wasn’t condescending or sentimental. The narrowness and joylessness of that kind of life was full-on, undercut with some … Continue reading

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