The Princess Bride (1987)

Dir: Rob Reiner, with Cary Elwes and Robin Wright

Like The Damned United, this wasn’t something I would have chosen for myself, but I’d bought a ticket for this month’s mystery film and had to give it a go. And – like The Damned United – I thought it was great! The sight of a cute kid at the start almost propelled me out of the auditorium, but I stayed put and enjoyed every minute thereafter. Even the cute kid was bearable once I’d acknowledged the post-modern fracturing of the narrative (this was the eighties after all) was my kinda thing and got involved in Buttercup’s story. (Rather like that cute kid, then.)

It was a film packed with wit, humour, beauty and joy – all laced with knowingness, smartness and deference to the fairytale genre. What could be more fun?


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