55DAA86E-5D2F-49F5-82F9-4E8A51A14959With the recent cold snaps and bitter winds, so much in the garden looks quite abused – the brown leaves of the mahonia, the dead-looking thyme, the wind-blasted ceanothus. Hopefully they will all recover (although I have my doubts about the thyme). I’ve done a little bit of cutting back and mulching, but I haven’t touched the vegetable beds.

Today, on the nature reserve, I saw cattle with jackdaws on their backs. Last summer I saw magpies on the cattle – they were picking off the ticks. Today the jackdaws were removing moulting fur (or is it hair? . . . anyway, the tufty bits on the cattle’s spines) and taking it off to insulate their nests.


About aides mémoires

This is a chronological list of things I have seen, places I have visited, and thoughts that have wandered through the space between my ears. A reading group of one; an art appreciation society limited by my preferences and prejudices; opera criticism by one who knows nothing about the subject.
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