Oranienburg to Hennigsdorf


Havelplatz, Hennigsdorf



After ten days or so away from home I begin to miss the garden. I look closely at and make mental notes on front gardens, then remind myself that what grows in Brandenburg’s sandy soil and summer temperatures is not likely to thrive at home. Nevertheless, this morning I shunned Sachsenhausen in favour of the Oranienburg Schloss gardens. It was pleasant to wander around – and a relief to see that the vegetable garden in the Grünes Klassenzimmer were no more impressive than my own – but the flower beds did need weeding. And I don’t care for growing roses (as my own roses know well), but en masse they are beautiful.

Then to Hennigsdorf via a delicious Stachelbeer-Baisertorte in the Kaffeehaus in Birkenwerder, following the River Havel. Poor Hennigsdorf doesn’t rate a commentary in the Bikeline Radweg book – not unreasonably, I admit. I hope to detour to the Rathenauviertel tomorrow morning to see the workers’ houses designed by Peter Behrens for AEG, but meanwhile the only attractive thing about the town is this evening’s rainbow.

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