Nauen to Oranienburg


Full house at last: a church with Feldstein, Backstein, Fachwerk AND a wooden bell tower.

IMG_1038I only exaggerate a little when I say that every change of direction brings about a change of wind, so I have cycled a circular loop into headwinds all the time.

The warmest day so far, and a pleasant morning amongst trees. Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to cycle past the Funkstation north of Nauen; photographs suggest an impressive building from the 1920s. Instead I had to settle for a view of the tops of three enormous transmitters that looked like giant clothes horses. This afternoon into Oranienburg was more industrialised (in the sense that there used to be more industry here, still reflected in the road system and residential areas), so it was a relief to arrive at the banks of the tree-lined Havel which flows through the centre.

Public space seems pleasanter and less potentially aggressive than in England. You walk along the river, see a couple of tattooed men on a bench with beer bottles and a big, bounding dog and think the worst. But no: the dog is called to heel and civilised behaviour reigns.

Of course, there are caveats. Oranienburg is the site of Sachsenhausen concentration camp, and even in a short walk there were several reminders of the horrors of war. (On both sides: not much of pre-war Oranienburg remains.)


Oranienburg Schloss

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