Zehdenick to Rheinsberg


From 2012

Five years ago we cycled from Berlin to Rostock and spent a night in Zehdenick. The next morning we encountered our first Fahrradstraße and took a photograph as a cyclist with his dog passed. This morning on the same route we overtook the same man, but this time his dog – looking rather greyer around the muzzle – was travelling in a basket on the front. 

I see that the weather was sunny in 2012. Not so today, although fortunately it rained very little. I don’t know if this cooler weather is linked to the disappointing cherry Mundraub opportunities this year.

In Gransee there was a perfect Kaffee, Kuchen und Bücher stop.  Once again various forms of tourism are on offer (I may feel like I’m at the back of beyond, but this is all only spitting distance from Berlin), but I fear that it all comes too late for shops like this one. IMG_0901Even the shops that remain open look like something I recall from the 1960s. There was one in Gransee where the handbag and dress display just lacked the yellow cellophane behind the window to complete the flashback.

Today’s ride was more agricultural than wooded. The numerous lakes attract holidaymakers (and mosquitoes: I have had my first bites of the year), and Rheinsberg has the added draw of the lakeside Schloss where the young Frederick-before-he-was-Great is said to have spent his happiest years. It’s pretty idyllic, although the gardens are still work-in-progress. I was entertained to see that the swallows have made the most of the fancy capitals to build their nests. From the broken appearance of the nests, I guess there is a battle going on between the swallows and Brandenburg heritage.

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