Angermünde to Zehdenick



IMG_0894Wet again. Local newspapers carry front-page photographs of Oranienburg streets under water. But showers rather than persistent rain today, so I did have the chance to look around at my surroundings until the time came to put my hood up. Mostly woods with glimpses of lakes through the trees. At Templin you enter via the Prenzlauer Tor and leave via the Berliner Tor: German Altstädte are so predictable. More of a surprise in Templin, however, was the garish Plattenbau hotel beside the Lübbesee.

Horse chestnut trees around here are succumbing to something: the leaves are sere, and pea-sized conkers have fallen to the ground.

I saw a little of the Tour de France on television: a short time trial around Düsseldorf. The stop watch revealed that they were tootling along at 47kph – ! And after dinner in a bowling hall I lost 1-7 at table football  . . . twice.

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