Strausberg to Bad Freienwalde


Storks on top of an old brick kiln outside the Stork Museum in Rathsdorf

That warm air yesterday held a lot of moisture – most of which fell heavily and steadily on us this morning. It’s a long time since I’ve been quite that sodden. The cloud was so low that I could only see two out of three wind turbine blades. Unlike the wet rides that have passed into personal mythology – Westport, Achnasheen, Kleve – this was reasonably warm rain. Fortunately the roads were quiet and well surfaced, and the rain eventually stopped before Bad Freienwalde and allowed me a chance to dry out. It did make me feel rather sorry in Rathsdorf for storks too young to fly, stuck in their unsheltered nests and unable to find a better ‘ole to go to.

IMG_0879I’m not sure what I passed by this morning: I was too busy making sure I could see out of my glasses and that I stayed upright in the stair-rod rain. When it lessened, I found I was looking at the modern church in Kunersdorf – notable for being built in the 1950s after its war-damaged predecessor was pulled down. Kunersdorf also seems to have been important in the Cold War and the Seven Years’ War.

Kaffeepause in Wriezen, which was another town with a more visible past than future. It was once linked to the River Oder, and by the former harbour I took a photograph of old Kalköfen (lime kilns).


Bad Freienwalde is mildly interesting. It is in a wooded valley (I really wasn’t expecting hills!) and in its heyday seems to have marketed itself with the aid of its mud baths.

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