The squirrel’s revenge

DSC_0244Not for the first time, I have removed a horse chestnut seedling from a flower bed. It can only be part of a squirrel’s forgotten hoard: there are no conker trees within dropping distance.

I am forever pulling up seedlings of ash and sycamore, so this makes a change. I amuse myself by regarding this as vengeful sabotage by a squirrel disgruntled at the lengths I have gone to to prevent him from getting to the bird seed. (Postscript: I later found an oak seedling in the vegetable bed. Again, there are no oak trees that close by.)

Further news from the garden: potatoes are doing well, but vegetable seedlings appear to have resented my holiday and are sulking. There are several brown patches in the lawn; I added organic feed-cum-moss killer before going away, so I am hoping these are areas of dead moss and that the grass will recolonise them.

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