Doberlug-Kirchhain to Schönewalde


The Schwarze Elster river

IMG_0821A pleasant, if not particularly memorable, day’s cycling, following the Schwarze Elster for part of the way. I finally got round to taking a photo of a shop doorway in Kirchhain to represent all the brickwork I have admired over the last few days. Just outside Kirchhain was a very large complex of army buildings which had been pressed into use to provide – presumably semi-permanent – accommodation for refugees. There were children playing in the grounds and what looked like classrooms. I had assumed – without really thinking about it – that most refugee families would now be in their own homes, but this suggests not. (On another note, the only non-elderly people I have seen in wheelchairs have been refugees.) Beyond the complex the map showed just a straight line of cyclepath for some 8km through woods: whether an ex-military or ex-mining area wasn’t clear.

In comparison to England, everything is scaled up in Germany. You don’t get just the occasional meadow or buzzard as at home: like the cyclepaths, there are lots of them. So much space! Goodness knows what I would think of North America or Australia: agoraphobia would probably kick in.

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