Berlin to Potsdam

Two Sans Souci: one is near Harwich and the other is in Potsdam . . .

It was pleasant cycling from the centre of Berlin, through the suburbs and along the Teltow Canal to Potsdam. It’s an odd town: nicely laid-out and plenty to admire, but, like Gotha, it seems an appendix to the palace. The usual Rathaus/church/market place axis is missing.

The route followed part of the Berlin Mauerweg, and we passed the old Dreilinden motorway crossing point – now looking totally obsolete as traffic roars past in a straight line without a second glance.


Part of the wall was still standing beside the Griebnitzsee. Even with all the memorial plaques, it is hard to imagine the physical presence of the wall and Todesstreifen in such peaceful surroundings.


In Potsdam, I walked to the palace of Sans Souci (or Sans, Souci as it is written) and wandered around the gardens, with their perfect vistas at every intersection. The first time I came here was in August and the vines created a green cascade down the terrace; in early May there is barely any green and the terrace’s  “risers” looked more like hoardings. There was, however, one perfect sight on the nearby stream: a mandarin duck:


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