The garden today


Yesterday I saw a swallow for the first time this year, and there is a pair of mistle thrushes in the school field.

DSC_0176DSC_0185Garden update: The nights are still cold – probably too cold for the nematodes that I watered in last week. I didn’t realise there were so many tulips in the big border. Mangetout peas are just showing through in the vegetable bed, and the beans and courgettes are sprouting in the propagator outside the kitchen door. I’ve mown the lawn three times already so the wildflower patch is taking shape again; cowslips and plantain are doing well, but the primroses seem to have been bullied out. I’m a bit concerned about the dead branches on the redcurrant bush. The leaves on one of the stepover pear trees are very curled: I’ll look for aphids and will water copiously. It might also be suffering from the greed of the nearby conifer, just like the rhubarb. I’ve rammed the spade in in a few spots to see if I can temporarily disturb the roots. I sawed off the bigger of the two branches of the smaller Japanese maple: it was definitely dead.

I’m still having fun with depth of field on the new camera:


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