A walk in Stockholm


I’m not terribly impressed with cities that put flyovers right in the centre, so Stockholm didn’t rate high in my book on arrival. And they’ve done something horrible to the central blocks – really modern and bland commercial stuff. A short walk round has reconciled me to it a little – mainly because it is built on islands and therefore has pleasant views across the water.

I still don’t have a handle on Stockholm, but I have seen lots of nice bits:

and some unusual bits. Within 30 minutes of arriving, I had seen sausages cooking on the counter of a bookshop where I bought some stamps. Stockholm also has a distinctive sound: wheels crunch over the grit that has presumably been scattered in the winter. And there seems to be municipal duck feeding:


The same birds as on the canal at home, except for a couple of tufted ducks.

Winter has left its mark in the only park I’ve seen so far: the grass is flattened and muddy from (I assume) the weight of the snow.

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