More of Hamburg

Rain again [sigh: this time last year I was in Barcelona]. No wonder there are so many arcades in this city.

I’m not sure how much British bombing raids left of Hamburg, so I don’t know what’s “authentic”. However, the footprints of the buildings often remain, as did some of the outer walls.

Things I noticed:


This was on a building that had a sign indicating it was a Migrant Competence Centre. It was probably a coincidence: the frieze seems much older than the building’s current purpose, and I did wonder if it had been rescued from an earlier building.


Blocky Jugendstil reminiscent of Leipzig (e.g. Specks Hof).


Where to buy your solar topee

Then back to the Kunsthalle.


Victor Emil Jansen, Selbstbildnis vor der Staffelei, ca. 1828, oil on paper laid on canvas. I just liked it.


Drei Frauen in der Kirche, Wilhelm Leibl, 1878-82, oil on mahogany panel – which, I guess, accounts for the van Eyck-type detail.


Bayerisches Mädchen, Wilhelm Leibl, 1897, oil on canvas. Such different brush strokes from the former!


Girls on the Pier, Edvard Munch, 1901, oil on canvas. Usual Munch stuff. I sometimes feel that men needed feminism to come along as much as women.



Mutter und Kind, Otto Dix, 1924, oil on canvas. Creepy, but more profound than the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner collection in the room next door.

I also made the discover, in a room of Expressionists, that no one did colour like Kandinsky.

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