La La Land

Dir: Damien Chazelle, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Not in the “great musical” canon, but it had a certain sunny charm and was, thankfully, miles better than Moulin Rouge or – horror flashback – Mamma Mia. I enjoyed the mixture of optimism, romance and deflating realism, and I was very taken with the film’s delight in the Hollywood myth. They may be corny, but Hollywood films and musicals have been part of our inner lives for the past century. Modern Hollywood is happy to make use of its earlier incarnations – off the top of my head,  I can think of Die Hard and Hail, Caesar, while Allied started off as a saloon-bar brawl/Casablanca offspring.

So, yes a pleasant and engaging film that had me thinking that of – pace my comments above – Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. I guess the heart of it lay in Mia’s song about dreamers – those who risk everything for the creative experience and who may – once in a hundred times? a thousand? – produce something which delights, entertains and speaks to the unironic heart as this film does.

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