Dir: Robert Zemeckis, with Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt

It looked great and the costumes were excellent . . . but otherwise, meh. Far-fetched plot (agents in war-time Casablanca assassinate the German ambassador, fall in love, get married in blitzed London, he is told that she is a German spy and wastes a few lives trying to find out if it’s true) and a performance from Pitt which he may have imagined was manly and moody but comes across as just wooden. Cotillard was better – quite sparkling – but it was still a dim film.

I’m showing my age, but I thought the film was anachronistically self-indulgent in the last third when Pitt’s character did everything he could to ascertain his wife’s innocence. OK, so the blitz spirit might have been a bit of a myth – but I was unimpressed by the film’s implication that it was fine for the uniformed hero to disobey orders, get people killed and take it upon himself to exonerate an enemy spy. No sign of an internal struggle with the concept of duty. I’m not a big fan of patriotism or sublimation of the individual to the larger group under normal circumstances, but this was the second world war FFS. Haven’t they seen Ice Cold in Alex? If the screenwriter had wanted to stick with the period, s/he should have gone with the locked room, bottle of whiskey and loaded revolver.

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One Response to Allied

  1. GlamourPrin says:

    I’m a huge fan of Brad Pitt but this movie wasn’t one of his best was it . I was a bit confused with marion’s accent too I mean was she trying to have a laugh while doing the british accent or was that her accent? But wait her accent was French too lol . The movie could have been soo much better.


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