Vrijdagmarkt, Ghent


Christ carrying the cross, Hieronymous Bosch, ca. 1510

Ghent’s Fine Art Museum needed more time than was allowed; there was so much to see. The grotesque heads of the Bosch painting had echoes in some of the 20th century expressionists. There was also a room of 19th century landscape paintings which were mostly under grey, subdued skies – the kind I am very familiar with. However there was one that stood out because it the southern light and sharp shadows were in such contrast to the mud and dampness of its neighbours. Silver birches vs. cypresses.

And then a visit to the cathedral to see (along with dozens of others) the van Eyck Ghent altarpiece. The exterior panels have recently been cleaned, and they really glow. The bottom inside panels are currently being restored in the Fine Arts Museum.

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