A day without a swim is a wasted day to my holiday mind. I was pretty gobsmacked when a waiter said he had had only one μπάνιο this year, but then he’s not on holiday (far from it: it’s been a good year for the tourist business, which means long working days all summer) and – I have to face up to it – he may not be bothered about going in the sea.

This must be the best time for swimming or just bobbing around in the water with a sun hat: the sea is warm and wonderfully buoyant, and here it is crystal clear. There are small fish everywhere (although I’m not fond of the grey ones with black rings round their tails that regard me as a floating buffet) and I’m hoping to see a turtle. I can’t decide if I prefer the mirror-like sea in the still morning or the bouncing waves in the afternoon as the wind gets up. There is only one solution: two swims a day.

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