Back on the bicycle


It’s wonderful to be cycling again in such beautiful surroundings. (Yesterday’s bus ride to the top and freewheel downhill doesn’t really count.)

The local paper still carries stories about the heavy rain and floods at the beginning of the month, and the remnants of the damage can still be seen. Gulleys that are normally dry and stony suddenly became cleansing torrents during the rain, washing down cars and all the rubbish that gets dumped in ravines higher up the mountainside. The bigger stuff has been removed, but you can still clearly see all the tatters of plastic bags and litter caught on the vegetation at the sides of the gulleys.

Unrelated but more visible are the piles of plastic bags at rubbish collection points. Apparently there is a dispute with refuse collectors over privatisation, so they are on a go-slow. Meanwhile the rubbish piles up. No doubt the dispute will be settled in due course, but these are salutary reminders of the mess that we make and expect to be magicked away.

On a lighter note, at a picnic stop there were three goats: mother tethered to a post and her two free-range offspring. I know that goats are willing to eat most things (including my bicycle saddle once on Kephalonia), but I think a marble-topped table is safe from their depredations:


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