Retro-Greek bingo

All the items on the breakfast buffet this morning were labelled in both Greek and English  – including what sounds like the most unappetising titbit ever: “margarine croissant”.

Retro-Greek bingo has gone surprisingly easily. My targets were: kombouloi in action, a cigarette holder, and a working double-top-tube bicycle. I thought I was being quite ambitious: I regard these as on the “at risk” list, since they rather depend on the habits of elderly Greek men . . . and none of us are getting any younger.  However, I have already seen two lots of kombouloi (honestly, there was one year when I noticed none at all in Greece; my only sighting was in Prague), one cigarette holder this morning at breakfast, a bicycle near the agora . . . and now this has just cycled past:


The owner reckoned it was at least 60 years old and perhaps a Bismarck. Bismarck, Hercules . . . such tremendous names! Far more evocative than my current steed – a Brompton.

Perhaps I need to make it more difficult. A fisherman mending nets using his toes, perhaps?

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