Hann Münden to Göttingen


The Harz “mountains” from the west

I did enjoy my re-acquaintance with my lowest gears today as I crossed the hump between the rivers Weser and Leine. The cool, damp weather was welcome as I toiled up and over. I realised how much I miss the big views you get with climbing. I even skirted an extinct volcano. I don’t know if it had left particularly fertile volcanic soil as its legacy, but the roadside apple and plum trees were bent under the weight of their (sadly largely wormy) crop.

imageThe Weser-Harz-Heide cycle route is rougher and readier than the Weser – although not as rough and ready as the Altmarkrundkurs. The last stretch into Göttingen is on an old railway line which slopes gently downhill. It’s enclosed in its own green corridor, which leaves you unaware of the views to the east of the outline of the Harz. Göttingen itself is as great as ever, although the Rathaus is currently under renovation, and when I walked along to take a photo of Gänseliesel she was surrounded by Green Party speakers. So here’s another favourite of mine from the Kron und Lanz Konditorei:


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