Hann Münden


Hann Münden: Renaissance Schloss, Fachwerkhäuser and early 20th century building


Weser Renaissance Rathaus and modern scaffolding

The weather forecast was correct: it rained. Fortunately not heavily on the short distance to Hann Münden, where the Fulda and Werra rivers meet to form the Weser. It’s a picturesque town, but not overwhelmingly so. Sadly for my photo album, the Rathaus is being renovated – but I saw it about 10 years ago on a holiday that took in the Fulda, the Werra, the Rennsteig and part of the Saale. (I think I might have been fitter in those days.)


Archimedes’ screw

Just outside Hann Münden on what looked like an old mill race I saw what I assume is a screw turbine to produce hydroelectric power. In an age of digital wizardry it’s nice to see something ancient and mechanical – and understandable.

So this is the end of the Weser. I’m glad to have done it upstream, despite the prevailing wind – it’s so much better to have the hills in front of you to look forward to. And – as usual – I compare the wooded slopes of German valleys with the bare expanses of, say, the Lake District. Admittedly there’s something very beautiful about the play of sun and cloud on the sheep-nibbled uplands around Grasmere, but I prefer a good covering of trees. It seems more sustainable.

And is this authorised guerilla gardening?


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