Nienburg to Minden



Weser Renaissance in Minden



A warm headwind is my primary recollection of today’s cycling. However it was interesting to pass through small villages like Estorf and see from the map that they were beside an ox-bow lake – so presumably they were once beside the Weser, which would account for the handful of fine old buildings. There were also several windmills. I suppose the highlight was the crossroads of the Weser with the Mittellandkanal. The canal crosses the Weser on a twin aqueduct, with just one grand lock to take you up or down. Eat your heart out, Bingley!


Mittellandkanal from the west. showing the twin channels in the middle. The Weser is underneath.

I also enjoyed the conveyer belts beside the extraction pits – it almost made the weary pedal-turning worthwhile. I recalled the brickworks conveyer belts that you used to be able to see from the train as it approached Bedford from Bletchley. I wonder if they are still there?


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