Achim to Nienburg


One day of cycling in unsheltered, pancake-flat agricultural land in benign weather is fine. It wouldn’t have been so enjoyable with a headwind or driving rain, but on a bicycle you take your chances with the weather. I suppose it makes for a practical geography lesson: flood plains, embankments, canalisation and ox-bow lakes.

The Weserradweg seems to be busy, judging from the number of touring cyclists and the greater effort needed to find somewhere to stay. I’ve now booked hotels up to Sunday – not a state of hyper-preparedness I much care for, as one tends to focus on the destination and arrival time rather than the journey. But I care even less for not having a bed for the night, so too bad.


Nienburg Rathaus

Not a particularly memorable day except for my introduction to the Weser Renaissance architectural style.  Apparently the Weser region flourished greatly between the Reformation and the Thirty Years’ War and adopted its own variation of Renaissance architecture. After the war the region remained at a low economic ebb and didn’t experience the Baroque transformation of more successful areas. Hence the castle at Drakenburg and the town hall here in Nienburg. I liked both towns – their position and their older buildings tell the story of their former prosperity on an important river along which goods and ideas passed easily.

One more reason to like Nienburg:


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