Rotenburg to Achim

imageimageIt drizzled this morning and the day was largely overcast and cool. It was a relief to arrive at my destination free of my usual pebbledash of flies and sand stuck on with sun lotion and sweat. Fortunately German hoteliers don’t blink an eyelid when a sweaty cyclist turns up asking for a room and are very accommodating of bicycles; only in a few upmarket city hotels have I felt out of place. The same doesn’t apply in England.

One charm of this region are the large farmhouses with their crossed horses heads at the tops of gables; I finally stopped to take a couple of photographs.

The River Wümme cycle route served its purpose in providing an unexciting link between Rotenburg and Achim. My impression of the river itself was of a big muddy stream – unlike the Weser, when I finally saw it. Now that’s a river! Wide and meandering, with barges on it and meadows on either side. I’m looking forward to heading upstream tomorrow.


Weser at Achim

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