The garden today

imageThe end of summer is in sight: there are a few reddened cherry tree leaves on the grass, and yesterday I cut back the old raspberry canes and took the shears to the long grass. The evenings are getting noticeably shorter too.

I brought home some comfrey leaves on Saturday and left them to soak in a bucket. They have become a slightly frothy, foul-smelling brew – perhaps I could market it to CAMRA. I added a little to the watering cans this evening in the hope that my rather weedy vegetable patches will be transformed into lush plantations. imageThe mystery of the tiny onions has been solved: as I feared, it is the fine roots of the fir tree encroaching into the vegetable bed. I may have to modify my no-dig system to break them up before planting, then feed and water much more than I usually do. It’s rather galling to be cosseting the greedy, sun-stealing tree, though.

One of the hedgehogs was out and about at midday today: I don’t know if it had got up early or was staying out late.


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