By the river


Meadow brown butterfly

The sounds of geese have been noticeable these last few days, so today I went down to the estuary to see what was going on. Yes, there were indeed plenty of geese on the salty flats: greylag and Canada geese. I also saw a couple of curlews and some egrets. But the best sight only came to my attention through their mass squeaking. I could only really see them through the binoculars, and from their flight I guess they must have been hundreds of lapwings. On the ground they looked rather too brown to be lapwings, but they definitely had the calls and the quiffs.


It’s surprising how many birds flock together: towards the end of my walk the Canada geese were disturbed by something, so they took to the air and landed on the river for safety. There must have been 60 or 70, but I had only noticed a handful here and there when I passed them on land.


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