The garden today


Raspberries, gooseberries, redcurrants . . . the freezer is slowly filling up. Mangetout, French beans, blackberries and courgettes are doing well too, the potatoes are so-so, but I’ve failed with salad crops (not enough watering) and the onions are truly pathetic:


Three rows are growing normally, but the rest of them are weedy little things. I don’t know whether it’s the fir tree roots taking all the nutrients or whether it’s because the weedy onions don’t like growing in last year’s mangetout patch. (The stronger onions are in the old bean patch.)

Gardening in summer is not as enchanting as in spring: there’s more to go wrong (something’s eating the rudbeckia, the cherry tree is leaking sap, one of the half-standard gooseberries needs re-staking . . . I could go on), more to do, and always the imperative to harvest before gooseberries fall from the bush or courgettes turn into marrows. And then you have to wash and cook the damn’ stuff.

Enough of the negative. A couple of nights ago there were two hedgehogs in the garden simultaneously, so presumably they are breeding. And the raspberry bushes are so laden that I haven’t bothered netting them and look on indulgently as the magpie helps itself.

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