Green Room

Dir Jeremy Saulnier

Not entirely sure why I went to see this film, since I knew that it was going to be violent and gory and that I would watch some of it with my eyes shut tight. I’m happy to be frightened by a ghost story, but ultra violence is more problematic. What does watching a film like this it tell me about myself? Shall I remind myself of horrific acts in culturally respectable drama from Oedipus to “Out, vile jelly” and count myself fortunate that my only “experience” is from films like this rather than real life?

Anyway, this genre film does what it does rather well. Venturing into backwoods America this time results in a gruesome encounter with neo-Nazis rather than cannibals or vampires. It is tense and frightening. There may also be moments of humour – like the bar owner appearing in his pinny and Marigolds to clear up the carnage – but by the end I was too shell shocked to notice.

Perennial gripe: the dialogue was hard to understand. Is this to signify that the characters are not saying anything important? Can I be bothered to find out more about the final credits song?

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