Genthin to Tangermünde


Tangermünde from the bank of the Elbe

Today’s steady rain from mid-morning meant a quick and direct route from Genthin to Tangermünde and an early check-in at the hotel. In the 12 years since I was last here, Tangermünde has smartened itself up and lost some of its dilapidated charm. However it’s still a picturesque fortified town, and there are still stork nests on the church and the Eulenturm.


Backsteingotik: the more I see, the more I appreciate how the brick tries to be carved stone. And – of course – the blank infill is because these bricks can’t enclose empty space the way stone arches can. Duh!

Tangermünde’s makeover reminds me that I view Germany as a high maintenance country. So much upkeep required to keep it looking tidy and functioning well, whether on a national or domestic scale! Where are those fridge-and-sofa-filled gardens of my own land? The broken glass and KFC packaging littering the street? Here there must be endless dusting and vacuuming of those stuffed animals and kitsch trinkets. All those enormous roofs to keep watertight and all those block-paved cycle paths to keep smooth. Even the signs on paths saying “Kein Winterdienst” imply that all other paths get gritted and swept.

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