Wittenberge to Hohenberg-Krusemark


Zeitreise by Christan Uhlig, Wittenberge

I liked Wittenberge; I liked the way it faced the river (unlike its near-namesake further upstream, Wittenberg). I could only catch the clock tower of the old Veritas sewing machine factory from a distance:


imageMore north German brick gothic in the Beuster Tor in Seehausen, another small Hansa town:

The agricultural economy around here adds pastoral to arable and forestry: there are herds of cows and deer, and signs for old butchers/abbatoirs in villages. The village of Iben near here is a centre for animal breeding. As an aside, I see that the agricultural economy also has newer forms: micro-algae in ponds around Klötze, and large natural gas plants (I’m leaping to the conclusion that they produce biogas from organic matter, judging from their locations).

The countryside remains a delight to pedal around, particularly with the weather so perfect.


Today’s highlights were yellow wagtails (admittedly hard to spot):


and a stork family here in Hohenberg-Krusemark. The four youngsters were fidgeting in the nest this evening


when a parent arrived with dinner:


Once the young had eaten, the parent retreated a few yards to a chimney pot which was cushioned with a layer of twigs and stayed there. I’m left wondering what happens when the youngsters finally leave the nest at the top of an old telegraph pole. Does the parent not return one evening and hunger drives the young out of the nest in search of food? What’s the mortality rate for the first flight/fall? How did they fare during the recent storms? Where is David Attenborough when you need him?

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