Diesdorf to Salzwedel


Old Rathausturm, Salzwedel

A short ride in pleasant weather with a tail wind to Salzwedel, which seems like a real metropolis after the last few days. It’s an intermittently handsome town with an unsettling feel at times (people with beer cans and dogs that bark at passers-by, aggressive drivers, a demographic that includes some very old people and refugees on bicycles) and a great Freibad. I had the 50m pool to myself for a few lengths.


Salzwedel’s street plan obviously follows old town walls, and there is something about it that brings to mind telling a tree’s age by counting the rings. The centre is mediaeval; then come half-timbered houses of the 16th century; beyond the old walls and opposite the park (of course) are the Jugendstil villas.


It was interesting to note that the middle villa above combined Jugendstil elements with a gable that echoed the Neuperver Torturm round the corner:

I don’t know the name for this style of brick pilasters with blank infill, but I always associate it with the Elbe and Wittenberge (tomorrow’s destination), where I first came across it.

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