Gardelegen to Klötze


Mundraub: scrumping is another (slightly guilty) pleasure of cycling in this part of the country

The fruit trees that line the roads and cycle paths aren’t wild: they are owned by someone or by the local state. But, but, but . . . when you’re actually riding over fallen cherries, it’s easy to justify raiding a couple of handfuls from the tree. And they were delicious.

A short day today, as the weather forecast was for storms this afternoon. You don’t want to find yourself in the open when lightening strikes . . . particularly if the road surface slows you down:


The worst yet – but it was only a short stretch

Interesting to see just how well named dung beetles are:


Just as round and glossy as the cherries!

A German unseen to work on at a Rastplatz:


And the bonus of a short day was a trip to Klötze Freibad before the sky split and the heavens opened:


An example of the kind of thing that catches my eye:


Tympanum in Klötze; the building used to sell agricultural implements but is now a gym. I could make some comment about ways of working out and keeping fit . . . but won’t.

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