Stendal to Tangerhütte


Back in an unfashionable part of Germany – this time following the Altmarkrundkurs. I’m trying to find a British equivalent term – the Welsh Marches, perhaps? I could have found out more in the Altmärkisches Museum in Stendal, but it was just too hot to remain in town.

So far the Altmark is a landscape of manor houses and agricultural estates, woods and rivers. Not dramatic, but pleasant.

Today was notable for my first attempt at using GPS to find my way. Signs for the cycle route appeared to run out, so I switched on location services and fired up the Fahrrad Touren Navigator, which offered a route through a wood. The path started off well enough but then deteriorated. It was fascinating watching the pulsing dot insisting that I was on a recognisable route when I could only think of Hansel and Gretel’s fate. The app was correct in that I eventually exited – dirty, stung, sweaty and checking for ticks – at the correct place on the main road, but I am disinclined to trust its judgement again.


My Blair Witch Project moment

And the signs hadn’t run out – I was just too impatient!

This was the best sight of a very, very hot day:


Tangerhütte Freibad – built in the 1930s. The off putting colour of the deep water is because of the brown tiles. Just wonderful!

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