Zossen to Jüterbog


Seen on a Jüterbog street. Luftmalerei?

Another hot and sunny day with winds so strong that there were mini-sandstorms from unhedged bare fields.


Baruther Urstromtal

The cycle route crossed and recrossed the Draisinenbahn, went past WW II weapon-testing sites and bunkers, and was also used by inline skaters – which accounted for the silky-smooth surface and white lines:


The other good thing about cycling in this part of Germany is that you discover great little towns that – if they survived the Allied bombing and the Soviet invasion intact – were pickled in aspic during the DDR years. Jüterbog reminds me of Tangermünde on the Elbe: town walls, gateways, towers, a particular style of stepped brick gable and filled-in tall arched embrasure-type windows:


Jüterbog Rathaus


Jüterbog Dammtor

and with mis-matched towers like Goslar:


Nikolaikirche, Jüterbog 

Jüterbog is now definitely in the 21st century and has a nice hotel with a good restaurant, and a café with wonderful Stachelbeerkuchen. I ask for nothing more after a dusty day’s cycling.

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