The Witch

Directed by Robert Eggers with Anya Taylor-Joy

It was quite good. I prefer not to know too much in advance about a film – the start time is usually enough information – so I assumed it was either a supernatural film or an account of a New England Puritan family’s psychological meltdown. Hence my bewilderment at the witches’ sabbath ending – had it suddenly turned into a Hammer Horror film? But the final words – that the film had used contemporary accounts to tell the tale – gave me a different perspective. It wasn’t about witches: it was about the belief in witches of isolated, repressed religious fundamentalists. Accidents, sickness, poor harvests, unacknowledged sexual feelings, fear – blame it on evil embodied in goats, hares, adolescent daughters or creepy twins. So whether or not Thomasin floated off with the witches was practically irrelevant (although it did look a whole lot more fun than family life!).

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