L’elisir d’amore

Opera North again, but this time at the Lowry. It was a wonderful production. Perhaps the orchestra volume went up to 11 a few times and the singing needed warming up, but apart from that it was (like what do I know?) delightful. The staging – a 1950s Italy of Vespas, Capri pants and stilettos – was great fun, and even the programme got in on the act with its pistachio gelato cover. If I’m going to be critical – and after such a good evening, I’m not inclined to be – the scenery changes took too long. Audience members started chatting amongst themselves.

  • Dr Dulcamara – Richard Burkhard, who moves nicely too
  • Adina – Gabriela Istoc, who looked as well as sounded perfect in the part
  • Belcore – Duncan Rock
  • Nemorino – Jung Soo Yun, and why am I not surprised to read that he has won the Richard Tauber Prize?

I hadn’t realised quite how close the United ground is; on the way back opera-goers mingled with fans from the Liverpool game. We didn’t give them any aggro though.

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