Birds by the river

Birdsong has been getting noticeably more insistent these last few days, and yesterday I heard a noisy flock of geese in the sky – heading back north perhaps?


Geese arriving beside the river today

I went down to the river this afternoon and saw hundreds of geese on the flats. I’ll go out on a limb and say that they were pink-footed geese:


I think they stopped eating and looked up to watch me go past

but perhaps I’m wrong. I also saw lots of shelducks, moorhens, tufted ducks, gulls, lapwings and little undulating flocks of goldfinches flitting ahead of me. I didn’t confine myself to birds, either. With my thick gloves on, I was able to deal with a thick briar that had anchored down a small, fluffy dog’s even fluffier tail.


The hazel catkins are out in the orchard hedges.

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