Leighton Moss


Sign on the platform at Silverdale station

It has been such a windy day today that the goosanders (crochet hook for a bill) took refuge on the canal. Nevertheless I decided to go to Leighton Moss to see if I could recognise any birds. Even before I got to the reserve I was stopped in my tracks by a male bullfinch singing beside the road:


I had thought that two and a half hours would be ample time for looking at birds, walking between hides and having Kaffee und Kuchen. Wrong. I’ll give myself more time when I next go. I’m not sacrificing a piece of cake for anything, however tufted or shovel-billed it is.

Teal, wigeon, lapwings, redshanks and tufted ducks in a line with coots:


A new addition to my personal database was the gadwall. Such an elegant coat of gleaming dove grey that, given a top hat, he could be giving the bride away. Just a bit of black under the tail. Mrs Gadwall shuns the mother of the bride outfit in favour of a mallard cast-off.

Someone really wanted to be photographed:


and another robin serenaded me as I waited on the platform for my return train.

A lovely afternoon.

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