And more birds in Norfolk


Off to Morston today for a boat trip round Blakeney harbour to look for seals. Two items of good news to report: I wasn’t sick and there were indeed seals.



There was a little group of grey seals on the shingle, looking very much like labradors who want their tummies tickled.


Saw some more oystercatchers poking around in the creek mud as the tide receded:


and some redshanks:


Lots and lots of BRENT GEESE, which are mostly black and grey. Kevin, our guide, told us about a project he had been involved with to discourage brent geese from eating farmers’ crops. They had had a degree of success by placing models of alert-looking geese in a field (i.e. with heads up) in fields with valuable crops, and models of feeding geese in fields which were unplanted. The geese fell for it.

There was also a fly-past by lapwings, which was a beautiful sight. As they disappeared into the distance the last view of them was their white undersides scintillating in the sunshine.

Then off to Blakeney and to Cley (rhymes with sky).


Blakeney harbour

A walk along the collapsed shingle wall of Cley Eye, where you can see pieces of concrete and half-buried pill boxes that were part of an ongoing attempt to keep the sea at bay. Nowadays it is managed in a manner more in harmony with the sea’s action.


Cley beach

It was a beautiful afternoon of long shadows:


and lots of interesting things like oyster shells, mermaid purses and flints.


Ideal for a bicycle saddle

The gorse was in bloom too:


My last bird sighting of the day was an avocet.

Any interesting thoughts? I noticed an out-of-town supermarket in Kings Lynn called “Lituania”, next to “Farm Foods” (sic!), which suggests that the Baltic link is well and truly forged. A new Hanseatic connection. And I was reminded – in the vicinity of Sandringham – that there is a lot of affection for the royal family.

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