Birds in Norfolk

Birds I have seen today and hope that I will recognise again:


TEAL at Titchwell Marsh. Male has chestnut head and cream triangle under his tail. Smaller than wigeon.

GOLDENEYE. Male and female look very different from each other, but both have large heads for their small bodies and short bills. Females have dark brown heads. I could see the golden eye only through the telescope.

LAPWING. I know what lapwings look and sound like, but I forgot they were also waders so was surprised to see birds with pony-tails in the water.


WIGEON at Holkham. Male has yellow stripe on his head and pink breast. Bigger than teal.  Whistle.

WATER RAIL. Tubby with orange bill. Very camouflaged apart from grey and white stripes on its underside.


Holkham at dusk. Possibly wigeon.

AVOCET. Black and more white with upcurving bill.

SHELDUCK.  Bottle green head and chestnut band on its white chest.


Mini sandstorm on Holkham beach

PINK-FOOTED GOOSE.  Apparently many birds were named from dead specimens. Had taxonomists been considerate of novice bird-spotters and given names from live specimens, these birds would have been called “brown-headed geese”.


Holkham gap, which is gradually being returned to salt marsh by the spring tides (which actually occur once or twice a month).

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