Milton Keynes station


Milton Keynes railway station

A dull building on a dull day. There are also two wings on either side.  I’ve tried, but I still don’t care for it. By the time you’ve walked down Midsummer Boulevard, you want a more engaging sight than this windy square.

But I’ll persevere. A couple of weeks ago I saw on television views of Euston station when it was newly opened.  So much space and lightness! It’s difficult to recapture that now with all the retail clutter around the concourse. Commentators also recalled how tricky it was to find your way around the old Euston station, with platforms tucked away at the end of corridors.

The spaciousness of Milton Keynes is a wonderful thing. A shame that so much is simply car park.

Several homeless men sleeping outside around the station. They have a lot of stuff – it looks more like camping than dossing. Not a good sign.

I much prefer stations with enormous arched roofs like Kings Cross, but in fairness there wasn’t much call to accommodate steam trains in the late 1970s.


Kings Cross station, London

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